Importing a Blender camera to Element 3D

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Importing a Blender camera to Element 3D

Postby hurmeli on 08/16/2016, 8:33 am


I want to render a scene i modeled in Blender within Element 3D, but i'm really having problems importing my camera settings/animation. So what i do is i export the camera and some nulls(for particle emitters) with Blender's jsx-exporter, which i've used before for 2D stuff in After Effects and they always line up perfectly with the rendered footage i take out of Blender. However, with Element 3D everything is completely off and i rarely even see the model if i try to use a imported camera.

This seems to be a problem for other people as well, and i watched a tutorial about how some guy did it with Cinema4D( He uses some kind of incredible hack where he creates a bounding box of 1000 units then rotates everything within After Effects, and scales it with a magic number of 4!

I got this to work once on a simple test scene using 40 times scale and slightly different rotation, but haven't been able to replicate it. Surely there has to be a better way to accomplish such a simple task as importing a camera. At least Blender seems to be a bit different case from C4D. Has anyone got it to work in reliable manner? If so please tell me, it would be much appreciated :)
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Re: Importing a Blender camera to Element 3D

Postby Xpentia on 09/3/2016, 11:18 am


I think I had a similar problem, trying to recreate this blender animation in after effects
Obviously i don't know what your scene looks like so i could be completely wrong, so apologies if that's the case.
I've been searching for a good while to find the best way to do this, can't find anything that lets you actually import a blender camera into element 3d and from the little i understand i didn't think this would be possible. so I did this instead.

I've loaded the model into element 3d, exported the cameras and path using the blender .jsx exporter, and loaded them into after effects, The difficulty was knowing how to link the animation so that it followed the path and the blender camera tracking, as it would either veer off the composition view entirely at a certain frame or wouldnt look right at all. Eventually I tied the particle replicator xyz positions and xyz rotations to the model path layer.
It seems to have worked.
I'm a total beginner at this so again sorry if this is completely not what you were after.

if it is, did you manage to find or work out a different solution for this anywhere?
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