Maya nHair from Paint Effects, hair starts from wrong end

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Maya nHair from Paint Effects, hair starts from wrong end

Postby ShockFactor on 08/9/2016, 5:37 pm

Hey guys, this is pretty random but I'm hoping someone out there may be familiar or might know which direction to point me towards. I'm working in Maya, and I'm using a hair system called nHair that's part of the software. I've been following a digital tutors tutorial called "Creating Hairstyles with Maya Hair"

He uses paint effects to create a hair style and then converts them over to NURBS and then applied a hair system to those curves. The process is a bit elaborate and I'm still grasping the technicalities behind it, but for some reason his hair system is appropriately rooted (or appears to be rooted) on the scalp. This technique isn't the same as taking the polygons on top of the head and painting hair follicles onto it which would require careful UVW mapping ahead of time. This time the system is on these curves, and I've been careful to follow along but I don't understand why my hair follicles aren't rooted on the scalp. Instead they're rooted on the ends of the hair. I can't seem to find a way to reverse the origin of the hair so the base starts from the scalp instead.

If anyone is familiar with what's happening it'd really help alot. Or any suggestions I could present my dilemma elsewhere and get an active response would be great!
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