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Maya for the C4D Artist

Postby pedrooliveira on 07/18/2016, 6:55 am

Hello All -

I wanted to get some insight on Maya. I currently use C4D as part of my toolset and really I use it to compliment my motion gfx done in AE. I love the ease of use and how you can easily bring camera and null data into AE. Not to mention the mograph module in c4d that is absolutely great! C4D makes sense to me and I love it!

Now. The current studio i'm working in uses primarily Maya. they have a great farm to go along with it, and some other technologies that I'd love to get my hands on. My biggest concern is the integration between Maya and AE. Is the only way a maya ASCII file? Is MASH maya's take on the mograph module? What about deformers like c4d has, does maya have equivalents?

Any tips to go from using C4D to maya?

Any input is appreciated!
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