HQ Particle Effects Software To Use?

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HQ Particle Effects Software To Use?

Postby NZPunisher on 07/5/2016, 7:00 pm

Hey guys, I am currently doing a live action scene in which some sort of smoke effect will come out of the actors arm, which will represent some kind of magical powers etc. What I am wanting to know is what software's will be best to create such a scene that will look realistic with a lot of detail that will mix in with the live action interaction. I am currently looking into Autodesk Maya as that is our main software we use at University but I am open to use other software's that could possibly get me better results.
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Re: HQ Particle Effects Software To Use?

Postby Farmfield on 07/6/2016, 11:59 pm

Smoke isn't particles, though, even if you can fake it, to a point, using particles. For that mParticles in Maya, Pflow or Thinking Particles in Max, TP or Xparticles in C4D, or in my case, Houdini POPs, would all do the job. For doing an actual fluid sim, easiest to get into is Blender's smokesim, most powerful is Houdini Pyro. FumeFX for Max/Maya is somewhere in the middle.
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