Problem rendering vray passes

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Problem rendering vray passes

Postby TheBlkVoid on 06/25/2016, 2:24 pm


I'm having a weird problem rendering out my vray passes out of 3ds max. In the frame buffer everything is fine, I'm able to view all my passes and they look good. When i bring the saved files into AE this is what I get ( see picture ). Any info on what I may be doing wrong ? I'm rendering 32bit exrs, using vray framebuffer with seperate render channels.

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Re: Problem rendering vray passes

Postby Farmfield on 06/25/2016, 2:38 pm

Compositing AOV's in AE sucks @$$, you should really use Fusion, Nuke, Natron, something that offer better support for channel and color handling in general.
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