Sleeping fractures in Houdini

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Sleeping fractures in Houdini

Postby Esperado on 06/15/2016, 3:31 pm

When i played with Rayfire in max i just clicked on sleeping object to get the fractured pieces to not be activated before something hit or moved them. Where do i "find / do this" this in Houdini?

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Re: Sleeping fractures in Houdini

Postby Farmfield on 06/16/2016, 4:13 am

There's many ways you could set this up, somewhat depending on if you're using packed prim's or not. This is about as simple I can think of, creating @min_activation_impulse (-attribute) in SOPs and then setting the objects in DOPs to static. Now, when the @impulse value of a packed primitive exceed the @min_activation_impulse value, the solver will set that primitive to active.

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That being said, you would really be way better off asking stuff like this at the SideFX forum or at OD Force. Then the following discussion can also help others looking for a solution for the same thing. ;)
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