Free 3d models ?

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Free 3d models ?

Postby sareth on 05/21/2016, 2:38 am

Hi everyone, I would like to know if someone knows a good website to find good looking 3d models for free, since i'm only a hobbyist I don't want to pay 100$ models that are on turbosquid and others 3d websites, and I will never be able to make money with them, at least not with my present VFX skills, and when I look for the free models, they almost always look really bad, textures too are not looking so good, when they are provided.

I've been using videocopilot's free models and scifi3d free models (most of scifi3d models are looking old and textures really ugly, the only good model I found was a Tie Fighter) but when it comes to simply get a bus or a truck, it's a pain in the a** to find a good one for free, and an european bus or truck is even more difficult to find for free.

And the thing I don't understand too, is how 3d modelers can sell starwars millenium falcon for 300$ dollars without being attacked by disney ? Does that mean that I can start learning 3d modeling from scratch and sell 3d models in 3 years that will come from some registered trademarks without getting any troubles with the law ?
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Re: Free 3d models ?

Postby plae57 on 05/21/2016, 11:29 am

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