Animated OBJ slips in E3D after moving XYZ Axis...

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Animated OBJ slips in E3D after moving XYZ Axis...

Postby WhoisRip on 08/20/2020, 12:17 am

Hello everyone, hopefully, you could help!!

Just recently found out that you could purchase animated/rigged/materialized 3D .FBX files and convert them to .OBJ with Blender and import in E3D! So dope and having so much fun with it.

However, I've encountered a problem with one of my animated 3D models. Once I do the converting process and Import the animated .OBJ in E3D, everything is fine with the animation! BUT, the minute I start moving it along the X Y Z axis (aside from the center of the scene it default imports at), it seems as though the animated model slips or jitters along the bottom plane??

What's going on!? What am I missing!? Please help....
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