3D Animals

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3D Animals

Postby norytnorts on 02/8/2019, 2:57 am

Hi pros. I've been asked to help with some CSI-type animations. Basically I will get images of a "crime scene" where animals have been illegally poached and there has to be a forensic investigation. So I don't necessarily need to animate the animal walking or running - just in the fallen position of the photo and then show the projectories of the bullets as well as to be able to remove horns, etc. Can I do this from E3D with a rigged animal? IE put the animal in the same lying down position (legs at the same angles) as the photo. So we could 'morph' from the image to the animal lying down, essentially turning it into a 3D space that we can rotate around with the camera, show projectiles going through the animal, etc.

Any help will be appreciated!

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