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Encore question. Please help.

PostPosted: 09/9/2012, 6:56 am
by occasionallyxxx
Hello, everyone. I would appreciate quick help, as the project's deadline is soon and I can't seem to figure what is wrong.
The client asked to give video for Television broadcast in VOB file.
So I rendered the comp (DV-PAL, 720x576, 25fps) from AE to QT Animation (100% quality). Then converted it to MPEG2-DVD using Adobe Media Encoder and it gave me 4 files. mpg video, wav audio and a couple of useless (I just don't know what those are for) files. I then launch Encore. Create new comp. (same PAL, 720x576, 25 fps) and Import mpg and wav files. Select both of them rightclick - create new timeline and then go to create DVD. I choose DVD folder and hit Build. It says about a couple of problems (some End actions not set) and I ignore and continue. To be honest it's the first time I launch Encore so bear with my stupidness in this question. It creates a folder with a bunch of files. and the biggest weight VOB file is my video as far as I understand. Cool, but when I play it in VLC. It doesn't play it to the end. It stops somewhere near the end. The video itself is 15,8 seconds long. In VLC it shows duration as 5 or 9 seconds (I did a couple of tries and it gave me different results). But no matter the duration VLC shows, it plays nearly full 15 seconds and stops somewhere 14,5 I would say thought VLC shows 5 secs or 9 respectively where it stops.

So the question, how can I create a VOB file with my 15,8 secs long video in it and make it play all duration.
I am using MacBook Pro, Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Encore and AE CS5.
I am newbie in Encore so need some help.
Once again thank you and waiting for a helping hand!!!

Re: Encore question. Please help.

PostPosted: 09/9/2012, 7:29 am
by Nobber

Re: Encore question. Please help.

PostPosted: 09/9/2012, 10:08 am
by occasionallyxxx
Well, I did pretty much everything like in the tut. Except I Built DVD into a DVD Folder.
Still, the same trouble. Video plays only 9 secs in VLC which is about 13 secs in the actual video.
Please, help.

Re: Encore question. Please help.

PostPosted: 09/9/2012, 10:13 am
by Nobber
One thing you could try is importing your P-Pro/AE project directly into Encore rather than than all the intermediate re-coding.

What Build errors are you getting and what, if any, steps are you taking to correct them?

Re: Encore question. Please help.

PostPosted: 09/9/2012, 10:25 am
by occasionallyxxx
I have attached the image with errors that pop up. I do not think those are critical. But maybe those little things can matter in this situation. As I sad I simply create a new comp, create new timeline from the m2v and wav file imported and hit Build (with DVD Folder selected in Build menu).

I will try to import ae file directly and will write what I come up with.

Thanks for trying to help me. I really appreciate it.

Re: Encore question. Please help.

PostPosted: 09/9/2012, 11:34 am
by occasionallyxxx
So I am stuck. I tried to play this vob file on another laptop with Windows on VLC as well as Windows Media Player and it plays fine to the end. Why won't my VLC play it to the end and cuts about a second or 2 in the end??? Some mystery.

Ok then I will try some other players for mac os xthat can play vob's. Anyway I have another question. Why does VLC (on mac and pc) shows in the media info panel that the video is 50 FPS and in the timeline it shows that it is about 9 sec long when it' real duration is 15 sec and 18 frames. And in the Windows Media Player it shows just fine and the fps is corect in the info panel but in the timeline when video playes it doesn't show duration at' 00:00. I am going crazy >-||

Re: Encore question. Please help.

PostPosted: 09/21/2012, 3:45 am
by occasionallyxxx
People, please help! I still need help with this situation.
TV won't accept my .VOB file built in Encore. They say it won't show time in timeline.
I rendered out .MOV Animation from AE, used Media Encoder to compress using the preset MPEG2 DVD and got m2v and wav files which i imported into Encore and without changimg any settings built DVD Folder where I got a bunch of files: empty VOB files, some with unknown for me format and one with the video in it. I played it on Mac with VLC and it showed the time correctly but played the video not to the very end it abruppted 1 or 2 seconds before the end, I tried to play this same VOB file on PC with Media Player Classic which comes with K-Lite and it didn't show the time though played the video good.

Could someone please explain which codecs should I use to build a VOB file and what is the procedure of building a vob file in Encore. Maybe there are some better free alternatives to Encore? I will be very grateful.

Waiting for any help.

Re: Encore question. Please help.

PostPosted: 09/21/2012, 6:42 am
by Nobber
You don't NEED codecs to build the VOB. Just use your raw P-Pro/AE projects and then let Encore do all the hard work.

But as you're on a Mac - have you tried using iDVD?

media pending error in dvd

PostPosted: 04/14/2015, 1:38 pm
by wingersmedia
CS5.5 Premiere and CS5.1 Encore I just created a dvd and there's an error message in the dvd. "Media pending." WTF? It's not in the Premiere timeline. The 8 second scene looks great. It's worked well and now this issue. I haven't watched the entire 2 hour video to see if there's other messages in the dvd. What happened? So how to prevent this? I can't watch all my 2 hour dvd's to make sure there isn't an 8 second spot with an error message in there. There has to be another way.

Angela >-||