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Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 09/3/2008, 11:49 am
by Artflame Noir
try kicking that small file straight from AE as sfv... altho I think my knowledge ends here, as I'm no guru when it comes to flash and web objects.

try some other forum category like Other S/W, to catch eye of some smarter folks...


I am glad you got the sucker down do.

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 10/6/2008, 9:55 am
I am using a Sony HVR-V1U that records a 1080p24(24a setting) on to a DV tape at 1080i60... I am currently capturing the footage in Sony Vegas 8 because Premiere doesn't support my camera nor allows for the 3:2 drop down to take place.

Vegas will recognize the footage as 23.976 1080p, but I don't want to edit in Vegas... I want to export the footage as a 23.976 1080p file to be used in either Premiere Pro or After Effects.

My questions are, 1.) do the compression settings listed in Kramer's Blog at the beginning of this thread hold true for HD footage? 2.) if not, what are some good "lossless" render/compression settings for HD1080p footage?

Thanks to you all!

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 10/6/2008, 7:47 pm
by Artflame Noir
The same rules apply whatever the format or resolution... Tiff or Png are even used for film so... just kick out a sequence...

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PostPosted: 11/8/2008, 8:23 am
by Lou_
PeXoN wrote:I render my files in quick time with photo jpeg compression. My compressed file is small and looks great, but when I upload it on YouTube - the quality turns from great to worst ever! Any thoughts anyone?

From Final Cut Pro I always use export using quicktime conversion and select appleTV and it looks great on YouTube, it even gives you the option to watch in High Quality somehow. I just uploaded a music video to YouTube yesterday, check it out. YouTube/PuertoRicoFilms it's called Cover Girl

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 11/8/2008, 1:46 pm
by Lou_
Creative People of the World,

I need help,
Somehow, I'm just that lucky that all my clients don't have Quicktime installed on their computers and I can't send them a quicktime file because they are not computer savvy enough to quickly install it.

So I add my final comp to the render queue and render all defaults AVI right out of AE.
In this case my client is a lawyer that I'm making 6 spots of 15 seconds long each. The first 15 second spot turned out 501MB. If he likes this one, then he will give me the green light to make the other 5.

I did a second attempt render to Windows Media File and it turned out 817KB The quality is degraded but almost passable. I would not like to send this to him but I did aniway, 2 times!. Gmail only supports 20 megabyte attachment so that was great. Both times that I emailed it he could not open the file saying file was corrupt. But then again his email address it at aol and we all know how the AOL servers are picky as he!! like if they were Google or someone important any more :o

Aniway, I was going to do some other render so I can send it with but they have a 100MB Limit.

Can someone please advise before I send this client straight to He!! and go ask for change at the gas station to buy my daughter's milk!... :mrgreen:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 11/12/2008, 1:14 pm
by garretthor
i know this is all about compression... so bare with me!

i am very new to after effects but cannot see how i went so long without it!
i am having with the issue (that is probably a quick fix for you smart ones!)

every time i export (which is normally back to quicktime 4:3) i end up with more frames than i started! i don't know how to keep it the same frame rate as i brought in, i am just trying to get it back into final cut! every time i bring it back in it is longer and throws off my audio!

any thoughts for a newb?

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 11/12/2008, 1:59 pm
by Lou_
so you first export something from Final Cut Pro as Quicktime to use it in After Effects?

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 11/12/2008, 6:10 pm
by Artflame Noir
Hi Lou, Hi Garetthor

Lou, I'd suggest sending your client a small wmv file. kick it out of AE or Premiere (if u have it). I believe you're US based so go to file - export - media encoder (in PP) or just use render cue in AE, select windows media and in both cases choose an NTSC preset at 512kps.

this should create a nice little file in decent quality to be reviewed. Send it thru yousendit or some other service of that kind.

as for garetthors problem, I'm not sure I understand where does you problem start.

try this however.

import you rendered file to AE, in project window right click on it and choose interpret footage. Here you can enter the correct frame rate and correct anything else you think is not ok.

also make sure that you are rendering at the correct frame rate out of FCP, check out your footage and project file there. I'm not familiar with FCP but there must be an option similar to interpret footage in it too.

let me know how it worked out.

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 11/16/2008, 8:41 pm
by Lou_
Artflame Noir,

Thank you


Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 11/26/2008, 8:50 pm
by Drummerluke36
when i export to h.264 i get ghosting on my movie.. sucks

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 11/27/2008, 7:17 am
by Artflame Noir
Drummerluke36 wrote:when i export to h.264 i get ghosting on my movie.. sucks

give us bit more info on how you're doing this and what actually happens (or post it on vimeo)... if I can help, I will.

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 12/13/2008, 2:29 pm
by hightlevel
hey everybody,

I want to export my movie to premiere pro2 and it's so confusing for me, there a lot of codec etc..

My cam:canon hv 20,
File captured from my camcorder:HDV, 1440,1080.
I want to export a file with a very good quality but if I try with QT JPEG or H264, the file is very big!(500mb for 1minute!!)and when I play this with vlc, the reading stop every 3 sec.
Please tell me a good combination of codec for export hdv footage whit good quality but not enormous size..

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 12/20/2008, 11:49 am
by Artflame Noir
have you tried mpeg - blu ray in AE?

works like a puppy for me.

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 01/16/2009, 2:51 am
by fieldmechanic
Hello All,

I have a premiere cs4 project PAL d1/DV wide screen which i used to capture from a sony DVCAM.
The captured files are about apprx 12 gb.

I'm using AE to build in some effects into a 1hr movie.

Which would be the best export / compression settings if i wanted to produce 1 hr movie without loosing too much quality and retaining wide screen for

1. an approx 800 MB file for PC viewing (divx, qt, mpg....whatever)
2. a VCD i.e 700 MB size limit
3. a DVD of the same 1.5 GB size limit

i've read all the comments and my head is still spinning from all the suggestions.
thanx 4 ur reply.

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 01/20/2009, 7:42 pm
by Artflame Noir
Have you tried going with H.264 in Mp4 format... it has a powerful compression rate and outstanding quality...

if I were you I'd use this for a quick workflow, (with minor loss).

1. Kick out an AVI using Microsoft DV compression

2. Import this into either Premiere or AE and:

use either H.264 or Dvix for your small files

use mpeg for your dvd

(may I ask why do you need your dvd to be only 1.5Gig? one hour video is about 3gigs in best set up, and the disc is 4.5 anyway?)

if u want to retain absolute quality thru the whole process in step 1 use Tiff sequence.

alternately in step 2 you can use Nero to create a quick VCD. It does a decent job.

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 02/3/2009, 2:57 am
by fieldmechanic
Artflame Noir wrote:(may I ask why do you need your dvd to be only 1.5Gig? one hour video is about 3gigs in best set up, and the disc is 4.5 anyway?)

I'm worried about bandwidth issues when distributing the dvd via the internet, as opposed to the physicall size of the dvd.
thanx 4 ur reply will try it out, hope the widescreen settings are retained for pple downloading the vcd or dvd and playing on their PC's.

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 05/17/2009, 10:08 pm
by turner2f
OK Here we go.

Since noone else seems to be able to give a straight forward answer on how to post a good looking SWF from AE to the internet, here's is how it is done:

1) Set your AE Composition settings to 12 frames per second
2) Render queue the movie as a "Video for Windows" AVI (Uncompressed)
3) Purchase "Movie to SWF Converter" from ($40 - $50)
4) Import your AVI into Eltima:
- Video Option set to "High"
- Audio Options set to 128 or 256 kbit/s
- Output Options set to "SWF (MX Format)" Everything else should be unchecked.

5) Voila! You're done. Five steps. It's just that easy folks.

Wish people would give simple STEP-BY-STEP SOLUTIONS like this instead of all of the convoluted explanations that lead to nothing but head scratching.

By the way, my AE video was 1152 x 648 in size and came out as a 446 MB AVI file.
After I converted it to SWF using the Eltima "Movie to SWF Converter" software it came down to a mere 2 MB!

AND looks crystal clear!

Not bad for $40.

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 05/18/2009, 6:23 am
by Lou_
thanks turner2f

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 05/18/2009, 8:20 am
by turner2f
In addition to the posted 4-step process for SWF made for the web:

For best results for creating SWF is to be certain that your aspect ratio inside of AE Composition settings is 4:3 or 16:9

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 06/24/2009, 7:44 am
by Bones
I use visual hub to compress my files for vimeo and other parts of the web. it looks great while giving me smaller file sizes. However, it's a differnet story when I want to burn these to a playable DVD.

What's the best workflow for adding videos, like weddings, to a DVD with the maximum quality. Normally I'll just export my sequence right from FCP as a self contained quicktime movie and just drag that file into my DVD project...It doesn't look all that great though. It's not terrbile, but not as crisp as it looks on my computer

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 07/16/2009, 7:36 am
by Artflame Noir
Hey Turner2f

Nice info.. was just looking for sumthing about making a nice small swf, as I've been having trouble playing flv from my server lately.. :=~

this should sure help... :P

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 07/28/2009, 3:17 pm
by mauri383
Hi, I just got a JVC GY110 and when I capture via firewire using Premiere CS4 and I get .mpeg files. I was wondering if this is ok or not, because I cannot open the footage on AE CS3 nor Mocha AE, and it's driving me nuts! >-||
Should I convert this files to another format? If so, wich one? I know this is a newbie question, but I always used SD, and this is my first HD camera.


Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 08/11/2009, 7:12 am
by patrick06
SE7ENFX wrote:I just use QuickTime Pro for all my compression... Got a 350mb video down to 17mb today with hardly any quality difference!
(new site is brilliant btw)

Usually works for me, or if you have iSquint or VisualHub just export to MP4 and the file size is always small.. Please share your knowledge!! I have no idea how to do that!

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 08/18/2009, 11:38 am
by northZephyr
Hi guys,
after reading this thread, it really helped me understand ALOT of things about compression.
I never actually thought about QuickTime format. Always used .avi with Divx which gives crappy quality if I want small filesize.

Anyway, I have some things to clear up about the usual WORKFLOW for a HD movie.

I'm using the Sony SR12 which uses AVCHD format, the files are in .MTS format...

is this what I should do to keep quality/filesize to its best?

1- Download all filmed footage to harddrive in (mts format)
2- Import them in Sony Vegas and do the usual movie editing.
3- Import all footage that needs VFX in them in AE and do the VFX
4- Export the completed VFX shots in MOV using PNG or PhotoJPEG.
5- Import the VFX sequences in vegas and place them in the storyline.
6- After movie completed, export the whole video from Sony Vegas using H.264/MPEG AVC codec.

is that it ?
There shouldn't be any quality loss during all the process while keeping a reasonable filesize, right ?


EDIT: when you guys refer to the term 'mastering' , does it mean the video files that are uncompressed and used back and forth between the VFX programs (AE) and the editing programs (Vegas) ?
and from what I understand, 'delivery' is the unique final video file that is presented to public or uploaded on internet.

sry, my english's bad when it comes to specific technical terms

Re: General Compression Info

PostPosted: 09/12/2009, 4:46 pm
by googleman23
I just started videos, so the only codec's I have are the normal ones on a computer. I don't have quicktime. Is there a link you guys can give me to download a good codec to use when converting my vids.