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Multicam edit in Premiere Pro

PostPosted: 08/13/2019, 8:46 am
by Helion Film

In Premiere Pro, when setting up a multicam sequence, I have trouble synchronizing the footage. - I used to put all my clips on the timeline and then right-click and choose "synchronize", but the option is oftentimes grayed out..

Instead, I mark the clips and click "Create Multi-Camera Source Sequence..". It works perfectly. It synchronizes the footage and all is good, but how do I "open" the sequence, so I can see how the clips are "aligned" to each other? I would like to be able to make adjustments to one or more of the main clips.. -

To claify.. The recording on one clip is crocket, so I'd like to correct this over the entire recording instead of having to correct every time I use that clip in my multicam edit..

Hope for quick response.
Reg. Kent.