Cloud Rendering for AE

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Cloud Rendering for AE

Postby idoxer on 04/30/2019, 11:10 am

I done some editing in the past with AE.
But I'm really far from knowing the industry and how real work get done.

I know, there is a company acquired by Google called Zync. Which allow us to render the 3D in the Maya/3D Max etc.
But, what don't they offer AE ? does the rendering you guys doing is actually mainly rendered there and you move it to AE ?
There is of course a company or two that does that cloud rendering for AE.
But, Zync being exists for almost 10 years. From my understanding over the years with AE.
Is that, I'm only familiar with the needs to render particles, motion blur and more heavy stuff in AE.
And I done some pretty nice things with the 3D Element plugins and others. Never really rendered something in the 3D programs and moved it to AE.
So my question is really, does the industry (from minor to big studios) really need that AE cloud rendering ? or the 3d programs makes the all different ?
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