Project for hire using Jet Strike

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Project for hire using Jet Strike

Postby ForgottenAlly on 02/1/2019, 7:31 am

I am a writer and producer in need of some special effects (F-35 and F-16 fighters) for a concept reel for a movie called Forgotten Ally. It will be a fairly simple scene of a 2-ship of F-35's and a 2-ship of F-16's in formation flying over the water heading towards a target. I'm thinking only 1-2 minutes is needed.

Someone how has experience with the jetstrike software.

I'm looking for about 10 hours of your time, plus I'd pay for any VC software package needed.

Anyone with experience with this software or something similar please contact me. If the "demo" for the concept works out, this can lead to additional work on the short film which we are currently in pre-production. If selected, your name will be given a single page credit.

If you have any demo video you can share that would help narrow down the selection process. Contact me at

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System Specs: do not have element 3D installed

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