What compression to use for Pre-Keyed Fire//Smoke//Brace

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What compression to use for Pre-Keyed Fire//Smoke//Brace

Postby Feight on 09/15/2018, 5:32 am

Hello community,

I'm doing a shortfilm and I shot a bunch of comping elements like fire and smoke elements. Im creating a stock with all this assets pre keyed now,
so we have everything ready for the comping and 3d pipeline.

My question is, what is the best optimal quality/size compression for this type of material ?
I noticed the Action Essentials are Quicktime-Png but that format doesnt exist anymore beacuse Adobe is no longer supporting it.
I tried EXR's but they are a bit big, the same with Animation compression.
Im wondering if i should download this script https://aescripts.com/aftercodecs/#/discussion/embed and try ProRess 444+alpha.

I want to maintain the quality as everything was shot on the Alexa mini, so at least 16 bit, however there is a lot of material and i need to be smart about the usage of space because it will be massive.

Any suggestion that may help is very appreciated.

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