Noob question about XML data.

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Noob question about XML data.

Postby TheFlak36 on 03/28/2017, 10:44 pm

I recently shoot material for the first time in 4K. Is it possible to cut the material in HD (Premier Pro) and use an XML data to convert the whole sequence back into 4K and then export?

Also, if I want to project a movie in a cinema, does it make sense to cut and export my movie in 2K or would HD be enough?
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Re: Noob question about XML data.

Postby Michael_Szalapski on 05/30/2017, 8:18 am

The term you are using for cutting in a lower res and then re-attaching a higher res for export is "proxy". And, yes, Premiere has a dedicated workflow for proxy editing.

As far as the cinema question goes, it depends a lot on the cinema. HD is essentially 2K. The question really is whether you need to do 4k or not.
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