How can I export my videos faster???

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How can I export my videos faster???

Postby coolhandluke67 on 10/24/2016, 10:08 pm


It is currently taking me an average of 2 hours for every minute of footage I export. My videos tend be around 12ish min. However my first video I shot is around 18min :( I need a faster way to export. I cant wait more then a day just to export one video! I am trying to upload 2-3 videos a week.

Some info about me and my system. I have a Windows 7, a 16GB RAM, 64bit operating system, 3.9Gh with a nvidia geforce 710 graphics card that I recently bought. I am rendering into a JPEG SEQUENCE at 24 frames per sec directly off of AE not Adobe Media Encoder. (cause I was told by specialist that would be fastest). I shoot talk show type videos and upload it to youtube.

In my videos there is a green screen stationed behind me and my partner that I have there for every episode. Thats the only thing I use After Effects for. Things like keying etc. I did a few things like using an external memory for my cache, buying a new graphics card, and using as much as my RAM possible towards After Effects. And I also changed it to 25 frames so there would be less to render. But still it is slow. I cant put anymore RAM on my PC without it costing a fortune (I have no more slots available). So i'd rather not do that.

Any advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: How can I export my videos faster???

Postby mobidesign on 08/11/2017, 2:33 am

first of all try to render in Media encoder with CUDA acceleration.
then check with your windows system management if you are using all cores for rendering and also check with Techpowerup GPU-Z if your GPU is giving all it's got.

If not, update your drivers, make a search on youtube on how to enter developper mode in after effects ini file and enable multithreading.
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Re: How can I export my videos faster???

Postby jsn951 on 04/17/2020, 11:53 am

Are you rendering the entire video in AE or just the green screen clips?
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