Importing After Effects text layers into AVID Media Composer

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Importing After Effects text layers into AVID Media Composer

Postby sk916 on 08/24/2016, 4:42 am

Hi All,
I am working as a Project Manager in an Animation company, and I mostly work on making marketing videos and Virtual Instruction manual videos. I use After Effects for all my projects. Recently I learned that text files can be imported to AVID Media Composer Marquee Title tool to generate multiple copies of the Title with same style. I am really impressed as I need it for a purpose.

I am facing a challenge when making an Instruction manual video which has to be presented in multiple languages. How I am doing it now is, to change each and every titles/text layers from one language to another one-by-one manually. This is time-consuming as well as leads to mistakes as well.

I am just curious if I will be able to import the After Effects Titles and text layers into AVID Media Composer Marquee Title, as editable text layers, so that I can replace the respective titles using other language text which is in separate text file or a spreadsheet. As far as I heard, there are some large-scale European companies (like Bosch, Siemens, etc.,) they use this kind of tool through which they can import the After Effects project into it, and convert the text to another language as they wish. I am not sure whether this is the same "Title Tool" they use. Someone please help me. Your help is much appreciated!!

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