AE or Premere for (Facebook)

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AE or Premere for (Facebook)

Postby Swatski on 08/12/2016, 4:32 am

Hey guys.

I have started to work alot more with AE and PR but some things have come to my attention.

First of all: when i make, lets say a logo reveal in after effect in 1280x 720 res (facebook max res), but with no sound effekts.
Then i later wants to add some sound effekts and musik to the logo revieal. Then i dont know what options i should chose, when it comes to sequence settings. it confuses me a bit.

and what would be the best way of handling this....just render it all in after effekt ? with sound and stuff ? just so much more easy to work with, in PR (Better control) :/

Does the video lose quality if i render it in AE first and then render it again in PR ?
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Re: AE or Premere for (Facebook)

Postby Gerry Clark on 08/15/2016, 1:07 am

I use a couple of different workflows depending on the nature of the project I'm working on.
I'll often create FX sequences in AE and render them out as image sequences before importing them into Premiere - no loss in image quality.
If I've already begun the project in Premiere then I'll just use project link to create an AE comp which stays on the Premiere timeline, rendering only when the project is complete.
Either way, if the project is heavy on sound effects and audio dubs then I'll use Audition to layer it all together.
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