Handbrake and (Lossless 32Bit AVI) Gamma shift ?

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Handbrake and (Lossless 32Bit AVI) Gamma shift ?

Postby Seeker Oz on 01/19/2016, 2:42 pm

Hey everyone,

I tried a lot and couldn't find any solutions for my problem on the net, all of them were discussing the gamma shift with the Quicktime player and MOV files.

After I finish my work in After Effects, I generally grade in 32 BIT mode and render the content out in LOSSLESS AVI and compress through Handbrake.
Now I realized that the Gamma gets shifted somehow from 0-266 to 16-235 (or vice versa ?). If I play the original .AVI File the colors are correct, but after compression the gamma is apparently shifted and I cannot find any solution so far. I've tried many settings but none seem to help.

Here's a lossless .png to visualize my current problem.

Thanks in Advance.

I didn't chose any color profile for the .avi but edited everything in SRGB. After exporting it, it looked great until I compressed it to H264 via Handbrake)


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