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Export video by Premiere is not smooth

PostPosted: 08/5/2015, 7:14 pm
by user

I'm newcomer, I have one problem when export video on Premiere would like to get help.

- If my video is short (around 1'), it's no problem.
- If my video is long (around 20' or over), it's problem.
- The problem that video has stretch line, it's not smooth even the video source is good.
- I tested export by many kinds of extension like: .mov .avi .mp4 ... but still same problem

I had made one photo to describe the problem so please check (because print screen can not see the problem so I made by photo to easy to see)

So I expect to receive helping from every one about this problem.

My English is not good so if my explain doesn't clear, please feel free to inform me.


Re: Export video by Premiere is not smooth

PostPosted: 08/12/2015, 7:40 am
by RichardTheEditor
Try this out. You may have chosen different export settings from your original import settings. For example, your video is 24fps but you exported using 30fps. Try match sequence in the export menu and see from there how the video plays. It should already auto render when you have exported but just pre render as well if it does not while exporting.