desqueeze in premiere

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desqueeze in premiere

Postby madman411 on 03/16/2015, 5:46 am

Hi everyone

Shot some anamorphic (2x lens) super 8 footage earlier last year and I've been playing with it in premiere. The film was returned scanned in HD, giving me a 4:3 image in a 16:9 frame. I dropped the footage into a sequence that is 1440x1080 and it has eliminated the pillarboxing and has given me a clean, HD 4:3 image. This is where I'm going wrong. I'm failing to understand what size to create the "anamorphic" sequence where the full 4:3 will be correctly desqueezed to give a 2.40:1 image. I've done a couple tests using Premiere's Anamorphic 2.0 setting and I'm finding the edges are being cropped off and the anamorphic frame doesn't look as wide as it should (I'm sure this is the sequence setting).

Does anyone know the proper math to desqueeze a 1440x1080 (4:3) to 2.40:1? Do I just multiply 1440 by 2.40? That gives me a reallllly wide image. I've read up quite a bit on editing anamorphic footage, but much of it is about desqueezing 16:9 footage.

Help, anyone!? :)
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