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Twitch workflow in Premiere

PostPosted: 02/6/2015, 8:35 pm
by psypent81
Hello everyone, and a Happy Friday..

I'll cut to the quick..I am editing in Premiere, and I am starting to use Twitch in my workflow. Now, I dont know how everyone here does it, but the way I use it seems weird. Let me explain.

I have my main edited sequence, which is composed on nested sequences . I have a 5 second intro title card, which is a standalone clip, and then a host intro, which is a nested sequence of about 30 seconds --and this sequence is has about 5 movies, an animated lower third, music, and images.

Now, I am trying to apply twitch, so the first thing I do is razor cut the layers so its only about 2 seconds for the end of clip 1, and 2 seconds for the end of clip two—just enough for the twitch transition..But when I right click and choose "Replace with After Effects Composition" it starts loading up ALL of the clips in the nested composition, and I feel this may bog down my computer, especially if I have nested sequences inside of nested sequences. My computer at work isn't the strongest, so I fear it might cause it to crash.

Is there another way that you guys have your workflow? Or do I have to do it this way? Would I have to render out the tiny portion?

I am not aware of any other alternatives, and wanted to see if you guys had a better workflow than mine..

Any help would be appreciated..

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Re: Twitch workflow in Premiere

PostPosted: 02/7/2015, 3:36 am
by Farmfield
When layered stuff starts to bog you down it's time to prerender and/or use proxies.

But with that said, you write "this may bog down my computer" and "I fear it might crash" - that's still non-issues, hehe, the issues are when it DOES bog it down or DOES crash it, right? ;)

Re: Twitch workflow in Premiere

PostPosted: 02/7/2015, 1:28 pm
by psypent81
I guess youre right, hahaha..

But just out of curiosity, is this your workflow as well?

And thanks for the advice!

Re: Twitch workflow in Premiere

PostPosted: 02/7/2015, 4:59 pm
by Farmfield
Not really, I haven't edited in years and last I did, I was in FCP, so more than 7 years ago for sure, haven't had Mac's since 2008... But having done this kinda crap since the Mac IIfx running a Motorola 68030 CPU at 40 Mhz and sporting 4 Mb RAM and considered AMAZINGLY fast, I'm no stranger to optimizing my workflow, hehe... ;)