Serious Render Problems inside Adobe Premiere CC

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Serious Render Problems inside Adobe Premiere CC

Postby Pasius on 01/21/2015, 9:49 am

Hey Guys,

i created this topic because i reached a point where i dont know what else to do and im open for any suggestions that you may have for me.

My PC-Setup Looks like this (if you need further information, please ask):

Intel Core i5-3570k
Gigabyte GeForce GTX670 OC 2GBD5
Windows 8.1 64 Bit
Adobe Premiere CC

Since ive been using Adobe Premiere for several videoprojects ive always had a couple of problems concerning the finally rendered output file.
Ive noticed that it makes a huge difference for me whether I use the Adobe Media Encoder or the rendering-option inside AP CC itself. While using Media Encoder i was facing huge rendering issues that appeared randomly between transitions from one picture to another, no matter if I used standard transitions from AP CC or 3rd party plug-ins. Ive put an example video below in the youtube link. This example is not exactly the same issue i have, but kinda similar. In my project, while being in the transition, the transition freezes for 1-2 seconds and then continuing with skipped frames. For example a Text is being introduced with a transition but is not showing completely because of freeze and skipped frames.

Though I didn’t found much on the web about it I found this useful Thread about the (sometimes) big differences in quality between rendering in AP CC and Media Encoder -->

Also there is a part and a video in that thread that shows similar problems i had :
“Our friend Taky Cheung recently posted a nice video showing how the Queued export in Adobe Media Encoder can have glitches in the output as well that are not present in the direct export. I would be very careful about Queuing a Premiere sequence in media encoder after watching this…”

But being this not enough, my problems went worse during my last big project I just finished.
I guess some of you know the feeling when you have finished a project and you are just about to watch you final result (while smiling all over your face) and you realize “oh no.. the rendering process was not successful / satisfying / or . w.e. “

Well, the issue I am facing now is the following:

I have created a clip that has a length about 75 minutes. During the rendering process it stopps at about 82 % and is not putting any error message. It just stops, deletes the actual file created on my harddrive and jumps back to the rendering options screen. Now (f.e.) I can not change the output path for my file and I have to restart premiere to be able to do this again.
If I change the render-mode from CUDA / GPU acceleration (Mercury Playback Engine) back to CPU the result after repeating the recent step is at least an error that says “AP has encountered an error and will now exit”

I always use the h264 format with 1080p and 25 / 29,7 fps and the following options (options that are not mentioned should be standard ) :

- Field Order = progressive
- Aspect ratio = square pixels (1.0)
- Maximum Render Quality = enabled
- Use Frame Blending = tried both ( enabled / disabled )
- Bitrate Encoding = VBR, 2 pass
- Bitrate = Target Bitrate = 15, Maximum Bitrate = 20 (also tried a bit lower ones)

For the Audio I choose Dolby Digital with 320 kbps.

Interesting thing is, that I can render the video successfully, if I choose 25 fps , but on 29,7 fps I face the error I already mentioned. I can reproduce both errors (Media Encoder + Crash in renderprocess) on a friends PC.
In the video I have various kind of media : Wav, Mp3, 25fps Video media, 29,7 / 30 fps AfterEffects media etc.

My thoughts so far about the problem:

Different media types could lead to a problem ? --> MP3 / WAV / MP4 / 30FPS media / 25 FPS media / 29,7 FPS media
Why does it work with 25 fps but not with 29,7 fps ?
Why does the Media Encoder produce so many (random) errors in transitions unlike the Rendering Process inside Adobe Premier ( with earlier projects ) ?

My next step would be to watch the preview monitor while rendering to maybe find the moment, where it crashes. Hopefully I get a clue out of that moment and can report it here.

If anyone of you have any suggestions / tips / experiences I would be very pleased.

Thank you for reading all of this and sorry for my occasionally bad English.

Regards Pasi
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Re: Serious Render Problems inside Adobe Premiere CC

Postby Pasius on 01/22/2015, 6:19 am

Hi again,

new informations:

After i cut the project into two seperate rendering processes (cut in the middle of the 75 min) i was able to successfully render both files with 29,97 FPS !

Does this make sense to anyone ? ^^

I mean i am happy to have my project in 29.97 FPS now but i am even more confused :-P
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Re: Serious Render Problems inside Adobe Premiere CC

Postby Pasius on 01/23/2015, 2:59 am

Hi again,

further Informations:

I am also able to render successfully with Bitrate Encoding - VBR 1 pass and 29,97 FPS.

Having a bit better quality with the two "VBR2-pass coded files" i am thinking about to cut them together to one file. Does anyone have a suggestion which software i could use to simply cut them together as one file ?
I tried AVIDEMUX (old version as the new one cant handle MP4 anymore) but the result was absolutely poor (lots of errors in the movie). Should i just use AP CC again and render it out with the two MP4-Files ?

Thanks so far for reading,


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