Premiere Pro, project Manager woes after 2014.1 update

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Premiere Pro, project Manager woes after 2014.1 update

Postby JonZ on 11/26/2014, 8:07 pm

with the recent Adobe Premiere update mess, I'm stuck to chose alternative ways to archiving projects. The way I was doing it before was simply Manage> trim and export and it was doing a very good job at it, trimming the fat of unused footage, and reducing the project size while keeping lossless format and no transcode was needed.

Now I can no longer do that, and I have to chose a codec to transcode. Reading here that Quicktime PNG and Animate are also lossless I'm a bit sceptical, since there's a quality slider. I also tried the the none compressed 8btc option, and it doesn't even try to trim the clips that aren't used.

I'm really upset of that recent patch, I'm losing my mind here.

Any ideas how I can work around this?
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