Aliased / pixelated export with DNxHD

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Aliased / pixelated export with DNxHD

Postby Superapfel on 08/13/2014, 3:00 am


I have a huge problem - I couldn't find anything similar by using the search function of this forum. If there is already a discussion about this, excuse me please.

I just figured out, that the clips I export from AE CC 2014 all are very extremely pixelated.
I use Avid DNxHD codec with the following settings:

Color Levels: 709
Alpha: None
Resolutions: 1080p/25 DNxHD 185 8-bit

A test-render with Animation codec looks just great. But IMHO the DNxHD should be able to look great, right?

Here is an example:

Dropbox seems to lower the quality for previews - so please click on download and open it from your harddrive.

Any suggestions, what might help?
Thank you in advance

Kind regards,
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