blur/leak transition effect in Premiere?

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blur/leak transition effect in Premiere?

Postby JonZ on 04/15/2014, 1:34 pm

I'm trying to make a leak effect in Premiere or look after the filter that does it well. My problem is I can't emulate a proper light leak coming from light tones and burst throughout the entire image.

Like this video:
ie on :24

or this video
on :07

Maybe those guys are using a filter packs like Boris I don't know. I try to make something with Fast Color Correction and I can't doesn't quite achieve the same quality. I could eventually obtain the same result with a bunch of effects and corrections but it sounds like a tremendous work for every transitions. It sound that I need to aquire some filters.

Any ideas?
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Re: blur/leak transition effect in Premiere?

Postby Michael_Szalapski on 04/16/2014, 7:55 am

I can't see your example videos due to restrictions on the network where I work, but it sounds like you're talking about light leaks. The easiest way to do that is to use stock footage of light leaks over the top of your footage.
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