Urgent help on a 3840x1080 playback output

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Urgent help on a 3840x1080 playback output

Postby squantrill on 02/5/2014, 12:14 pm


Can someone please advise a great format codec to render out an animation to be played on an 8 Core mac outputting to a 50 x 14 foot screen (3840 x 1080 pixels). The content is is all after effects animation, gradients and optical flares etc so need to avoid banding but get away with amazing 4k quality that has been rendered out at. Currently I have the master file sitting at 36 GIG in MOV format with Animation codec so lossless.

I have tried MOV (JPEG set to 95% minimum and playback is a risk) This comes in at 7.8 GIG. MP4 creates a smaller file size but creates horrible banding on glow on gradients. I created the work at 16 bpc so the source file doesn't show these horrible bands.

I am using Adobe Media Encoder, so if anyone could suggest a great format codec and settings to use to spit out a 3840x1080 smooth, great looking playable file I just might run over and give you a hug!! This isn't for a showing tomorrow afternoon hmmm, last minute.com please!!!
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