New Project London Teaser Clip

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New Project London Teaser Clip

Postby PhilMcCoy on 03/24/2010, 4:55 pm

Project London: A Perfect Blend of No Money, No Hollywood, and Tons of Mind-Blowing Special Effects


We are currently putting the finishing touches on independent, feature-length effects marvel Project London. The virtually no-budget, live action movie features more than 650 vivid, intense visual effects and animations that help drive a compelling story about a boy battling with a moral dilemma in a present day sci-fi epic. Unique to the film’s production is the use of the open-source software, Blender, for the core of all animated visual effects in the film. As called it, Project London is likely one of the “most ambitious no-budget effects movie ever.”

“The entire concept of Project London is enough to make anyone excited, from science-fiction fans to software engineers, from movie buffs to post-production artists, and it has,” said Phil McCoy, Project London Executive Producer and founder of Spiral Productions LLC. “An undertaking like this film wouldn’t be possible without a storyteller like Director Ian Hubert, the support of many talented Blender artists, and the more than 250 worldwide volunteer artists and craft people who joined our team.”

Progress and new reveals of Project London are chronicled on the movie’s Web site at, where, today, the newest teaser clip has been released to the public. The clip introduces fans to the world of Project London and its two significant forces: the London Underground and the Joint Command. The song showcased in the new teaser clip, “Multiply,” is a brand new song by Half Acre Day. It will be featured in the film and available exclusively on the Project London soundtrack.
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Re: New Project London Teaser Clip

Postby Chubwagon on 03/25/2010, 12:57 pm

this is a great clip, i love london!

wow man, blender has progressed!
What other people think Rob's saying: "GO DIE NEWB!!" *throws frag*
What Rob thinks he's saying: "GO DIE NEWB!!" *throws frag*

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