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The Hobby Stop

PostPosted: 03/8/2018, 9:12 am
by Bob Gruen
It has been a long time coming, but The Hobby Stop is now finished and available for rent on most VOD platforms. I used a ton of techniques from VideoCopilot including (but not limited to):

  • Action Essentials: Bullets, fireballs, smoke, explosions, sparks, etc.
  • Element 3D: An RC A-10 Warthog, people (via DAZ 3D)
  • Optical Flares: To 'sell' the green screen footage, create a laser beam, etc.
  • Pro Scores: To add sound atmo. in strategic places and for the score itself
  • Binocular overlay (from the Scopes tutorial)
  • Camera tracking to smooth track racing footage, replacing billboards in the background, etc.
  • Green screen for a driving scene, a newscast, and to make my own minor elements for compositing
  • To fix a lens spike in a performance that I really wanted
  • Advanced color correction & film effects
  • Shockwave effect
  • Particle effects for a wet explosion
  • Opening and closing credits

I think the effects I am most proud of are the Jeep green screen scene and the Wolf News newscast, which can be found here:

The thing that sells the Jeep scene is how we chose to light it. We started by getting the background shot so we could time how the general lighting should progress. Our lighting was very dynamic in that we were rolling light fixtures around and using a cucalorus to flag lighting on and off the characters while the scene progresses. Because the screen was not lit very well I had a heck of a time with pulling the key and had to resort to doing some roto to make it look right.

The Wolf New inset scene was the largest comp I did and took several weeks to get right. Here is a tip for all of you directors / DPs out there: If you are going to do a comp that involves a reflection in glass, when you have all of your coverage move the glass object out of the way, drop the camera where the object is, and film the scene from the glass object's PoV. You will need this to create the ghosts on the glass as the scene plays out.

If you are interested, The Hobby Stop can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Hulu Plus, Vudu, YouTube Movies, and Microsoft Store / X-Box.



Re: The Hobby Stop

PostPosted: 04/24/2018, 9:49 am
by Jessica
so cool