Stalingrad VFX breakdown

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Stalingrad VFX breakdown

Postby CaptainWolf on 04/8/2016, 2:25 pm

Here is an amazing breakdown video from the 2013 movie 'Stalingrad'
Work in this video was done by Main road | post

-EDIT- As Farmfield pointed out this was done in Houdini, and instead of using particles as a driving force like with FumeFX it is much more likely that Main Road | Poast used custom velocity fields to control the look and shape.
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Re: Stalingrad VFX breakdown

Postby Farmfield on 04/9/2016, 3:23 am

This was all done in Houdini and I would say particles is probably the least used in setups like these in Houdini. Though it's common to use particles to drive FumeFX fluid simulations in 3ds Max and Maya, a more directable approach in Houdini is using custom velocity fields to control the look and shape, usually through point clouds and you can even derive then from shapes, like I did in this setup - and though I in this example use it for driving RBD's, it can drive compressible/incompressible fluids, grains, particles, as well...

And my personal favourite in the breakdown it the sequence at 2:42 minutes in, also an excellent example on using a custom velocity field to drive destruction. I might just recreate that for my own FX reel, down the line. :D

And the Russian VFX bureaus are amazingly good, especially on the FX side where Houdini is the preferred tool, likely due to the level of math and science education in their schools which fits well with an as math-centred application as Houdini. Here's some amazing work from Moscow's AMGVFX for the movie "Ispytanie"...

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Re: Stalingrad VFX breakdown

Postby madmips on 04/11/2016, 2:40 am

Realy good!
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