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10K Short Film Competition Annoucement! | Film Learnin

Postby lonearcherfilms on 11/9/2015, 1:04 pm

Not sure if this is appropriate to post here, but I'm sure you guys can let me know either way :D

To Celebrate 10,000 subscribers we're having a short film competition! Enter and WIN!
RodyPolis.com ActionVFX kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ro ... -your-movi

The Film Learnin 10K short film Extravaganza RULES:
Rule 1. You need to be a subscriber to the lonerarcherfilms channel to enter.
Rule 2. Your short film needs to be no longer than 2 minutes.
Rule 3. The film needs to use at least 1 Film Learnin tutorial-based effect
Rule 4. The film must have no copyright material, only stock footage and/or stock/Royalty free music.
Rule 5. The film must be your own work created soley for this competition.
Rule 6 You have to have “Film Learnin 10K comp” in the title of your short and upload it to YouTube (make it public) – you can then send me the link to your video via lonearcherfilms@gmail.com with the title “Film Learnin 10K Comp ENTRY” Please include your name.
Rule 7. All entries must be submitted before Midnight the 8th of December. Australian Eastern Standard time.
Judges will be Grant Cook and Michael Freudenberg.
Prizes: The 3rd Place Winner can chose 1 RodyPolis product from their entire library, Second place can choose 2 products, and of course 1st Place winner 3 products.
On top of that the 1st place winner will also receive their ActionVFX packs when they’re released.
Films can be Non-English as long as they have subtitles.
p.s. Try to make something new for the contest gang, if you've renamed a previously made video, the publish date kinda gives it away ;)
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