Sci Fi Feature film "KERION"

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Sci Fi Feature film "KERION"

Postby pandora28 on 04/2/2015, 10:42 am

Hello All

please feel free to have a look at my first full length Sci Fi feature film inspired by Video Copilot - Six years to create now an international multi award winning project.

On the 9Th of October, 2008, Earth sent a message to the Gliese system of planets, approximately 20 light years from Earth. 200 years later we received a response. Mankind prepared a mission to explore the region of space where the message had originated from. On their arrival to the Gliese system, mankind found itself in the middle of war between the host stars two planets, Gliese 581c and Gliese 581g and their inhabitants - The Nocturi. After negotiations to restore balance and harmony failed, mankind returned to Earth with a flotilla of ships, and thousands of Nocturi refugees.

Once on Earth, the Nocturi found living here extremely difficult due to the harsh UV rays emitted by Earth's sun. Mankind researched into their DNA in an attempt to help them. This attempt failed, resulting in the death of Nocturian Autorator. The Nocturi declared war on Mankind, the Great War. This war has spanned hundreds of years.

The film centers around Kerion, the half human, half Nocturi hybrid, whose blood holds the secret to the Nocturi claiming earth as their new home, and destroying mankind forever. The Nocturi blood that dominates Kerion renders him unstable, unpredictable and unstoppable, the most feared of all Earths Resistance Fighters loyal to mankind.

An elite team of Nocturi are assembled by the the leader of their Empire, the Praetor, to retrieve Kerion. Kerion has been on the run for years, dodging all attempts to capture him, and losing loved ones along the way, including his best friend Jones and his lover Adara. Leaving Kerion a man who literally has nothing to lose.

The film was cast using Star Now, and actors currently working on television, including Neighbors stars Christopher Milligan, Jordan Smith and Valentina Novacovik, as well as BBC's Dead Gorgeous star Melissa Howard. The film also brings new talent to light through it's amazing characters.

Filmed entirely in Melbourne and surrounding rural locations, the film is a true labor of love for Pandora Productions and all those involved in its six year creation.

Trailer ... 1fP9lE-Wsc

Film ... sc&index=7


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