Sound Of Birds

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Sound Of Birds

Postby gizmo_fbi on 03/31/2013, 2:08 pm

Was inspired of "Sound of birds" by Constantin Bolimond @
And recreate it just using element 3D and trapcode soundkeys (also may use standart audio to keyframes)
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Re: Sound Of Birds

Postby tony on 04/1/2013, 1:37 am

Looks really cool!
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Re: Sound Of Birds

Postby soundwave2187 on 05/22/2013, 2:28 am

Thats great man well done!
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Re: Sound Of Birds

Postby djaffry on 10/20/2013, 12:29 pm

Nice.. Very nice..
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Re: Sound Of Birds

Postby Farmfield on 01/28/2015, 3:43 am

Very cool. :)

Also, if you haven't seen them: Bird sounds + particles
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