some cool stuffs...check it out

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some cool stuffs...check it out

Postby shibin on 11/7/2008, 2:54 am

this is in my head...i have to do more stuffs now.! hav a look video copilot fans..

this informative web series is from saudi arabia and is just started. i am now constructing it to the pefrect thing. with in 1 week it will be proper and redy.. !i think so""..even the audio is from software..bcoz i didnot get any good lady sound here in riyadh.! i had to purchase from the Net.!..
PLEASE VIEW ALL OF THEM IN HIGH QUALITY IF U HAV A GOOD INTERNET SPEED.! - 3d flag in c4d with c4d sky.! after efeects and photoshop a arabic movie and the simple efeects are in aftereffetcs - netherlands oil & energy minister starting is simple in AE 3D Max - 3d Mercedes Banz model. - logo in After efetcs motion graphics

many more are there and this was done with the help of videocopilot.!!!the great man.. andrew.!God Bless him.

thanks, subscribe this channel if u guys liked it.plzz

visit more of my works in << the main page was designed by me in simple web page maker and photoshop

thanks, this is
shibin from riyadh KSA

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