Harry Potter

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Harry Potter

Postby erwt on 08/20/2008, 6:21 pm


A saw last time the movie Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix. And I kinda liked how the order of the phoenix members teleport. Sow I want it make it to. But this was in the movie a 3d effect. But I wan it to make it with Adobe after effects.

Please watch it. And write a comment. Here or in the comments by my vid.


Thank You...
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Re: Harry Potter

Postby Infaas on 08/20/2008, 9:54 pm

If light was cast on the walls it would have been better, and the particles don't fade properly
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Re: Harry Potter

Postby vidina on 08/21/2008, 10:24 am

Needs better integration with the shot itself. In HP, it's clear that it's an effect, however, since the fx match the original shot so well, kids just think of it as magic, not some random glow on the screen that makes no sense. Improve the color correction/timing, and animation of the particles, and you'll do a lot better :)
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Re: Harry Potter

Postby lawhater on 08/23/2008, 2:39 pm

LOL !!! :o :o :o :o GREAT.. That was funny how you were hopping.
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