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HP Commercial

PostPosted: 08/17/2008, 6:22 pm
by limitedoffer
Here is something i did for my english class senior year for high school.

I think it came out ok just sharing it with you guys i would appreciate some comments and post some of your own.THANKS

Re: HP Commercial

PostPosted: 08/17/2008, 7:37 pm
by Goulgag
Showcaseforum ;)
But as a first glimpseimpression: You made the lensflarefault. Never make the lensflarefault cause it will haunt you, torment your kids and giving you a lifetimesupply of laughter while it's busy scootergrinding on your testacles.
In short: Never use an unblurred lenseflare.
But over all it was a solid start. You should try improving your tracks (if needed by hand). And make those startupanimations for the panels you interact with a little bit more snappy.
Also you should think about doing the acting over and work on that signaturepart so that you are at least close to actually writing what appears on the screen.
Oh and those particles in the start hm dunno just neglect them or atleast redo them.

Re: HP Commercial

PostPosted: 08/18/2008, 12:22 pm
by limitedoffer
alright yea The shatter money effect was cheesy but i did it in fact in 1 hour the whole video that is filming,importing HD footage and compressing it to work with in after effects.Overall i think i turned out ok but like you said yes I should have known that but was rushed.LOL at least my class thought it was great..The little kids LOL at the end was just for fun.But thanks alot for your comment wont make the same mistake again.