[E3D] Luke Skywalker is connected to the Force in TFA

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[E3D] Luke Skywalker is connected to the Force in TFA

Postby xXDarthdXx on 05/12/2020, 6:21 pm

I posted this awhile back, but recently went back and added original music and tweaked the editing a bit.

This is my take on how Luke should have been found at the end of The Force Awakens. The entire movie is
building up to this moment, dozens of people died leading up to this moment; what Luke is doing is critical
for establishing the proper tone of the film. Luke must be shown to be powerful enough to be worth all that
struggle and death. I realized I could use E3D to re-imagine Luke training by lifting rocks with Yoda, only now
he's progressed to the level of Master. Instead of showing him lifting a few very large rocks, I decided it would
be a greater feat for him to be able to precisely control many small rocks.

Hope you enjoy!

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