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Element Showcase Channel on YouTube

PostPosted: 05/22/2019, 6:03 pm
by ciphermetric
I just launched my YouTube channel featuring demonstrations of my 3D animated art made with Element. The subject of the launch video is the connectivity between sentient consciousness and universal intelligence. It contains four self contained art pieces set to Mozart and technical tutorials on how I generate emergent effects (systemic behaviors that transcend the limits of interior constituants) using Element.

Technical features of the launch video include:

1. Construction and manipulation of complex geometric systems using the symmetry function with independent controls assigned to objects using auxiliary animations
2. Extrusion of vector paths into 3D objects and replicator shapes
3. Animation between five unique groups in one Element instance. I heard on this forum a few years ago that it was "impossible" to animate between more than two groups. The section containing this technique starts at minute 23:00.

If you like what you see, please subscribe and comment. I have a series of videos ready to launch over the next few weeks. I look forward to hearing opinions.

Re: Element Showcase Channel on YouTube

PostPosted: 05/22/2019, 9:03 pm
by JPT7505
I lasted 2.24 minutes and I don't know what to say. Good luck with all that.

Re: Element Showcase Channel on YouTube

PostPosted: 05/22/2019, 9:32 pm
by ciphermetric
Thanks for the insightful commentary.

Re: Element Showcase Channel on YouTube

PostPosted: 05/23/2019, 1:17 pm
by JPT7505
OK here goes then, I was trying not to discourage you.

You can't expect people to sit through a video that long

Your animation transitions in element need polishing.

I have no idea what I'm supposed to watch, the waveform or the animation in the left or the stuff on the right.

It seems you're just repeating many of the same element animations/transitions. At least for the time I could stand watching whatever that was.

Way, way too much glow on your intro logo

There appears to me no camera movement, no depth of field for enhancing the look and animating through 3d objects is distracting to the viewer.

I can deduce no correlation between the voice-over and the visuals.

So there's my initial I said, good luck.

Re: Element Showcase Channel on YouTube

PostPosted: 05/31/2019, 10:18 pm
by ciphermetric
Don’t worry, you are powerless to discourage me.

The originality of my stylistic choices is not your concern, just like the conventionality of your taste is not mine.

If you had comprehended the subject matter and finished the piece, you would have seen a broad demonstration of animation and camera techniques.

You clearly do not have the intellectual resources to consume a 30 minute piece on the connectivity between universal and conscious intelligence. The quantum mechanics alone would baffle you - so I can see why you got all frustrated.

My website just launched at - it describes what I do and how I work.

Examples of my work can be found on my YouTube channel:

Notice how I animate between five groups extruded on vector lattices each fabricated from a model with nine independent degrees of freedom controlling their movement.

This piece uses systems of models symmetrically organized into meta architectures that I control using over 20 degrees of freedom in synchrony with movements from Mozart’s Requiem Mass.

Here I animate between four groups extruded on vector lattices each containing a model controlled with three degrees of freedom.

I am not sure what you think qualifies you to have an opinion - but I do know that the base qualification for an opinion is comprehension of the subject matter. You think that watching two minutes of my work gives you the right to be a critic - and that is unjustified arrogance.

I would be happy to provide a criticism on any of your work in exchange for the time you spent looking at mine. Let me see what you can do and maybe then you will be in a better position to talk to me.

Re: Element Showcase Channel on YouTube

PostPosted: 06/2/2019, 2:31 pm
by JPT7505
I suppose not but that's not the point, the point it neither will any potential clients. You wanted comments I provided them, what you do with that criticism is up to you. But simply dismissing them and the person who provided them (which is childish) won't allow you to grow as a professional. Distance yourself from your work and analyze it as as a third-party or if you cant, accept third-party criticism as a method to improve.

I've created my fair share of projects for a range of clients and you must be open to other opinions about your work, especially from those that have more experience.

Re: Element Showcase Channel on YouTube

PostPosted: 06/2/2019, 5:17 pm
by ciphermetric
You looked at two minutes of my work, then made sweeping assumptions and took a condescending tone. I am no child - I am a man who will not take someone seriously who puts on aires of superiority for no reason like you do. You are some guy who cares enough about this message board to make 900 posts - great - but to say that you don't want to "discourage me" implies that I assign you power - and I assign you none.

I am happy to take criticism from anyone and use it to improve - but I will also stand up to people who consume a tiny sliver of a massive body of work and then think they have authority to act like sage superiors whose wisdom should be heeded. If you want to look at my work and form an opinion - then look and form an opinion. If you don't want to look at it - then no opinion.

Re: Element Showcase Channel on YouTube

PostPosted: 06/2/2019, 8:06 pm
by JPT7505
Look I get it, all our work is personal but I'm not downplaying your dedication or devotion to the craft. I would apply the same disposition to anyone looking for input and part of my criticism is that is was simply too long.

I'm not attacking you or your work however much you might believe and I'm in no way implying any superiority. I am however offering my experience when I critique someone's work who's asked for it on an open forum.

If you're only looking for positive opinions you're going to find it difficult to make a living in this industry.

Now, you only responded to one of my critiques, which there were additional camera movements, so if you'd like to have a serious discussion about animation, motion graphics, typography etc. etc. Than I and the VC forum are here.

Re: Element Showcase Channel on YouTube

PostPosted: 08/4/2019, 10:59 pm
by WilmonBlack
If this is your aesthetic, then roll with it. However I would have to agree that this is really long for the content that is being delivered. People who typically look at your work when getting a feel for you, unless you are blowing them away from the instant they hit play, are going to look at your work incredibly dismissively. I've spoken with several people who hire freelancers and their general retention rate is the first 15-30 seconds. Say what you want about the attention span or intelligence of these people, but that's the lay of the land in this medium. Time is money (much to the expense of the art).

Many other artist find this disheartening too. You can spend over a 100 hours making something shorter than I described and still expect some lukewarm responses. For someone who is not familiar with the subject material or with you as an artist, 30 minutes is a big demand to get through. I don't know if Google Analytics or YouTube shows you the average watch time of your videos, but I would give it a look.

Re: Element Showcase Channel on YouTube

PostPosted: 12/10/2019, 10:24 am
by BDboY
Ok, I wanted to be nice when I saw this, but then I read your answers... I don't know who you think you are, but I can tell you, if you're an "artist", then you clearly are NOT ready to show you work in public, both mentally and technically !

Of course 30 minutes of incomprehensible rotating cubes is too long.. Anf if no-one goes beyond 30 seconds, it's also because it's SO BORING !... Something else that's not helping, it's just ugly... I wouldn't say that this way if you were open to criticism but I think you need to understand you are not the best one to evaluate your work. So, why is this ugly ? Because there's no dimension to your compositions, no shadows, no texture, no reflection, NOTHING... And your animations are WAY TO SIMPLE. There is no work on the velocity of your kerframes, everything is linear, everything is boring. It's also very messy, there is no structure it just dosen't look good at all.

On top of that you throw some aweful wave / glow effects reinforcing the look very amateur (as in really not professional) of you videos. I have seen people using Element for the first time achiving better results than you !

In the end, I'll just say sorry if this is a bit harsh (and you're lucky because I'm not at all fluent in english, I would be even harsher in french !), but you should really learn some humility man, because you're not talented enough to act and talk like a dick ;)