Updated Earth with New ORB Plugin

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Updated Earth with New ORB Plugin

Postby ctarv419 on 09/21/2018, 3:04 pm

A while back (many years) I posted some discussion about a 3D planet model, and I shared a 3ds Max project I had made and also an Element3D project doing the best I could to make a realistic earth with the tools available at the time. VC's new ORB plug-in has made it possible to get a model as photo-realistic as a hard core 3D program like 3ds Max. I went back and looked and I think I actually like this model better even than my Max version, especially since it's rendered directly in After Effects with which I'm more comfortable.

ORB is great for a lot of different things besides just making Earth, but if anybody needs a really good looking planet Earth, ya'll are welcome to my project file. I'll attach it with proxy res maps. The maps I used in this video are 6000x3000. My full res ones are 21600x10800 for the earth maps and 30000x150000 for the starfield, but my computer isn't even good enough to use maps that size in this project. I just use them for matte painting type backgrounds. The maps I use in this video are ones I downloaded from NASA archives, and the cloud map is a seamless composite I made myself from several NASA images. The starfield is the Tycho Star Map from the Scientific Visualization Studio (also a NASA resource)

The earth model is built very similar to the AK tutorial, the main differences are some tweaks in the atmosphere, the introduction of a Sun and Moon, a reflection/specular map for the water that isn't based on the clouds, and a null layer that has a lot of expression controls to make the project easy to manipulate to get the looks you want.

Here is a quick video I made using the project.


I just sell cars in my day job, so I'm not likely to get any gigs doing Sci-Fi any time soon, so ya'll are welcome to use this project free of charge if you'd like. Just put my name (Corey Tarver) deep down in the credits somewhere and invite me to the red carpet premiere if your film makes it big.

If anybody wants the super super high (or high or medium) resolution versions contact me privately, I'd be happy to share them, it just isn't practical here because of their size.

As it turns out, even my proxy res maps are too big to upload, so if you want to use this project just download it and then go download AK's maps from the ORB tutorial and re-link them yourselves. Everything should pop right up once the maps are linked, and it's really obvious what they are supposed to be based on the names of the files that will be missing once you download.
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Re: Updated Earth with New ORB Plugin

Postby star+circle on 09/22/2018, 12:33 am

Thanks! Could come in handy. I'm always planning a Sci-Fi film. Emphasis on planning.
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Re: Updated Earth with New ORB Plugin

Postby xXDarthdXx on 10/1/2018, 6:44 am

That opening shot was beautiful, well done!
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