Wanted to share a daily I made with a few VC plugins

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Wanted to share a daily I made with a few VC plugins

Postby WilmonBlack on 04/11/2018, 12:10 pm

Hey folks, recently did a render that used a prominent amount of Saber and a few textures from Pro Shaders. Mostly made this to get into some more procedural and effect driven motion graphics!

What's driving most of this animation is Trapcode Audio Keys, which is driving the brightness, movement of the saber start/end, and the camera. The brightness is also driving the glow which used the color glow technique shown in the latest glitch tutorial, so that's respondent to the saturation of layers which is affected by the brightness. There's also another glitch effect being applied liberally to the bear in the animation.

Anyhow, might do more with this at some point, let me know what you think!

Also attached are some prior looks for the color! Might use different line art for these!
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