Round of Gwent - a Witcher short

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Round of Gwent - a Witcher short

Postby Mathy on 03/5/2018, 12:43 am

Ey what's up Martin Matějka here and uh..ok :D. So we cosplayed a video :). I tried to make it 1:1 to the animated original, but we made it live action. You can see a lot of VC tutorials and most of the VC plugins in one and half minute video :D. Big thanks to Andrew and the VC crew, we couldn't make a lot of stuff from this one if it wasn't for you!

Here is our video:

I also made quite a big BTS on this, including some quick breakedowns. It comes with English subtitles. A lot of people think that BTS video is actually better than the actual Round of Gwent (me for instance :D)

Thanks again, hope ya'll like it :)!
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