Under Attack

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Under Attack

Postby asuswarvet1976 on 02/23/2018, 10:22 pm

Hi guys, just made a short scene clip messing around with this epic product. thank you and please enjoy. https://youtu.be/Iy7bGKcI7gA
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Re: Under Attack

Postby BDboY on 04/24/2018, 2:22 pm

A few problems for me...

The biggest is your 3D spaceship hat dosen't blend at all with your background. First because it's way to sharp compared to your video footage, and second its colors are not really matching (to much contrasts, and its blacks are too dark). The lighting is also off in my opinion, and its position doesn't match the position of your stock footage (the ship seems to be closer to the camera than the explosions and stuff). Also, the focal length of your 3D cam looks like it's too wide (something a 28mm where I guess the "real" cam was about 50mm), but I may be wrong ;)

About the use of the stock footage, your fire is surrounded by a black outline that really don't help, even if adding black smoke is a good idea. The dust explosions on the road could be blended better, mainly by hiding the bottom with a dust wave for exemple, of even some debris.

The flash of light at the beginning of the explosion is waaaaaaaaay to strong, as well as the camera shake, and if you wanted to make the car explode, I think, again, some debris might have helped.

Maybe next time, try a simpler idea, and spend a lot of time paying attention to the details that will make your effects more realistic (light cast, shadows, effects on the environment, focal length, etc...). The more you work the this, the quicker you'll get better ;) Don't take the remarks the wrong way, I'm only trying to help so that you don't make theses kind of mistakes later :)

Try your hardest, and I'm sure you'll get amazing results ;)
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