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Short animation/film made with Element3D

PostPosted: 01/14/2018, 6:31 am
by schneuz
Hello, I've made an short animation with Element3D. Models are from Daz3D and animations are from Mixamo, exported as FBX and converted in Daz3D as OBJ sequences. Rendered as unified render.

Re: Short animation/film made with Element3D

PostPosted: 02/9/2018, 7:36 am
by BDboY
I did'nt understand everthing, and your movie was much to long for what you tell ! I have a lot of problems with this :

First, your camera mouvement could be much improved ! They are either to fast, or to discontinuous. This makes each shot unpleasing to the eye because they don't seem to communicate with each other. Sometimes, still cameras are more effective, and sometime, it is better to show a constant move in your camera motion, but it's rare to see a shot with a clear beginning right after the first cut, and a clear stop right before the last cut.

Then your character animation is to mecanical, which is not a problem for the robot, but for the woman, it's clearly an issue.

You also have several lighting problems. Your set lack a lot of depth and maybe some bump maps. This could be fixed with better shadows and more directional lights. Right now, you have a very ambiant feel in you lighting. Maybe you could had also some atmosphere and fade your sets in the distance, taht would create an polluted ambiance that could work with your movie.

However, I think your city model is not that bad, and some textures are really cool, but your lights don't give them much presence. think about it for your next projects and you'll see the result will be much more powerful ;)