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Live action short + Element 3D!

PostPosted: 12/17/2017, 1:59 pm
Hi guys, I just wanted to post here my last project, VFX were made completely with After Effects and Element 3D.
It is our tribute to Star Wars saga, so I hope you'll like it ;-) enjoy
Thanks to Videocopilot and Andrew Kramer for this incredible tool!

Re: Live action short + Element 3D!

PostPosted: 02/9/2018, 8:06 am
by BDboY
Really cool !!

Great VFX and impressive set extentions, and also very good cinematography ;)
There's definitly a Rogue One feel to you movie, and I've nothing to say !

Well almost nothing ^^Only one mistake for me, in your first shot when the Sun rises above the planet, if you're in space, you wouldn't see this kind of atmospheric distortion :p

Good job !