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Dynamic Triggering and Automatic Animation of Lens Objects

The dynamic Triggering controls are found at the bottom of each lens object to help automate procedural animations without keyframes.

Use For:
  • Create blooming Light at the edge of the frame
  • Fade out objects that cross the middle
  • Scale objects as they move out of frame
  • Tint the color of lens objects around the border

Basic Example:
1. Enable dynamic triggering on a Glow lens object.
2. Turn the brightness offset up to 200%
3. Then move the position inside the Preview close to the border and watch the brightness increase.
4. By default the trigger Type is set to “From Border”.
5. You can turn on the “Preview Trigger” switch to see the fade on range in RED.


Objects with Dynamic Triggering turned ON have a red flag inside the Stack. 
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