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3D Lens Flares from Nuke Lights

  • Optical Flares for Nuke can automatically register the 3D position of Lights and obscuration in your scene.
  • Add Optical Flares to you shot containing a 3D Scene and at least 1 light.
  • Set the Source Type to "3D"
  • Connect the light and camera to a Scene node and connect this to the input labeled as 'scene' from Optical Flares.
  • Axis nodes work as lights as well
  • You can connect the camera to the optional side arrow or to the scene node. Both will work.
  • Adjust settings inside the 3D Tab for Optical Flares to select Light influence properties.
  • You can also use the side arrow for connecting a camera
  • Optical Flares directly expects one 'Scene Node' as flattened input.
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