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Optical Flares for Nuke 1.0.8
  • Support for Nuke7 and Nuke8
  • Support for non-normalized depth occlusion data
  • Increased rendering and UI speed
  • Stability & Bugfixes
  • Advanced Matte Support

Minor Bugfixes and Enhancements:
  • Matte inputs are now recognized in all cases
  • Fixed UI ghosting/random crashes on Windows
  • Fixed UI ghosting/random crashes on Mac
  • Fixed PNG loader in case of broken PNGs
  • Added an option to enforce full startup without GPU support (OPTICAL_FLARES_NO_GPU flag)
  • Support alpha only mattes & roto shapes
  • Improved linux UI speed
  • Stable preset loader
  • Quadro 4000 bugfixes
  • Fixed missing lens textures in CPU rendering
  • Fixed lens texture brightness in CPU rendering
  • Fixed fringes on saturated glow
  • floating license server logs now all floating license activities and license status
  • Added support for individual flare elements
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