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Floating License Server (Linux Only!)
Optical Flares Floating License System


You have received a separate license server program. This server program is command line based. Please type:

# vc_license_server -h

to get an overview over all functions.

1. Install the server
Copy 'vc_license_server' to your desired server. The server has to be registered with Video Copilot by generating a license request file. 
The request file can be generated via:

# vc_license_server -g -l request_file

2. Request License
Please send this request_file to our support, they will generate the server license for you. You will receive a license file that has to be stored on your server.

3. Start the server
# vc_license_server -l license_file

4. Configure your clients
The client connects to the license server. The server is identified by its IP. The IP has to be defined by an environment variable:


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