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You can clear the Thumbnails and Model cache if it seems like something will not update or if you feel you are encountering an error.
Show Tool Tips
If you hover your mouse over an option it will give you a brief explanation of what the options does. Uncheck to turn them off.
New Pack Warnings
Turns off the notification that there is something new product in the store.
Show Large Map Size Warning
When loading a map larger than 2048X2048 (or what you increased the Map Size Limit too, see below), a warning will pop up letting you know that the map will be downsized.
Map Size Limit
The default map size is 2048X2048, when importing a map larger than that it will tell you that it’s going to be downsized to 2048X2048. You can change the Map Size Limit to a max of 8192X8192 with drop down.
Import Options
Click on the Set Import Options to access the obj importer options. Choose which options carry over from the obj's mtl or c4d file.

Choose if the material settings carry over from the mtl file. Mtl files can carry over material info such as color and where/what texture maps are linked up with material.

Whether materials import as Standard Shaders or Physical Shaders


Use Auto-Normals will generate new normals for the object if there are smoothing issues. Invet Normals will reverse normals on the model. Force Alignment will change where the model anchor point is on import.

Will load C4D keyframe animation to playback in Element.



You can access the preferences panel from the Scene Interface File/Preferences
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